Book of the Day! Yayoi Kusama: Infinity

kusamaDocuments the Japanese artist’s first retrospective in Scandinavia, at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek. Presents a selection of Kusama’s youth works from Japan, alongside a new series of paintings specifically created for the show. Also includes a special feature on the artist’s involvement with fashion and design during the 1960s.

Publication details as follows:

Laurberg, Marie, Jo Applin, Stefan Wurrer, Yayoi Kusama, et al:  Yayoi Kusama. Infinity.  Exhibition: Helsinki, HAM – Helsinki Art Museum; Humlebaek, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art; Oslo, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter and Stockholm, Moderna Museet, 2015. 128 pages, fully illustrated in colour. Hardback. 21.5 x 26cms.  £ 30.00

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New Publications from Victoria Miro Gallery

98179Coxhead, Gabriel:  Idris Khan – Beyond Black.  Exhibition: London, Victoria Miro Gallery, 2013. 52 pages, with 28 colour illustrations. Paperback. 23 x 28cms.  Documents the British artist’s departure from photography through a new body of work that consists of 7 large-scale black paintings, a monumental site-specific wall drawing and a sequence of works on paper inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s ‘The Birth of Tragedy’. £25.00


Yayoi Kusama: White Infinity Nets.  Exhibition: London, Victoria Miro Gallery, 2013. 56 pages, with 26 colour illustrations. Paperback. 20 x 24cms.  In the spirit of Yayoi Kusama’s debut show in New York at the Brata Gallery in October 1959, this exhibition devotes itself exclusively to the Japanese artist’s white Infinity Net paintings. The artist describes the paintings as visualisations of hallucinations and attributes their emergence to a single-minded compulsion to paint for hours without eating or sleeping. £25.00

98181Dessanay, Margherita:  Adriana Varejao – Polvo.  Exhibition: London, Victoria Miro Gallery, 2013. 46 pages, with 20 colour illustrations. Paperback. 22 x 28cms.  In this new series of paintings, Adrian Varejão (b.1964) explores the subject of interracial identity, looking to the way the Brazilian consensus has historically categorised people according to five groups of skin colour: white, black, red, yellow and brown. She draws attention to this system by inventing her own thirty-three tiered spectrum of oil paints, and uses them to depict a series of 11 self-portraits, ranging in tone from dark to light, in accordance with the seventeenth-century ‘casta’ painting tradition. £25.00

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