Chinese and Japanese Works of Art in the collection of Her Majesty the Queen – Now Available!

The Royal Collection includes over 2,000 items of Chinese and Japanese Art, which are distributed among the royal residencies in England and Scotland. The publication presents textiles, jades and hardstones, lacquer, glass, enamel, ivory and other materials.



  • Chinese and Japanese Works of Art in the collection of Her Majesty the Queen
  • John Ayers
  • The Royal Collection, 2016
  • 3 volumes
  • 1,296 pages with approximately 2,400 colour illustrations
  • hardback, 30 x 24.5cm
  • 9781905686490
  • £150

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Book of the Week: Qing Dynasty Zitan Furniture in the Collection of Spring Longevity Hall

Zitan screen A lavishly produced volume on the fine private collection of Tang Chunshou, including screens, chairs, tables and boxes with inlaid decoration in coloured ivory, jade and semi-precious stones.


Hu Desheng 胡德生:  Qing Dynasty Zitan Furniture in the Collection of Spring Longevity Hall. Splendors from a Flourishing Age. 盛世华彩:春寿堂藏清代紫檀家具珍品. Beijing: 2012. 354 pages, with full page colour plates throughout. Hardback, boxed. 43.5 x 32cms.  Text in Chinese.
£ 210.00


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Asian Art in London

Thomas Heneage Art Books will be exhibiting a range of new and antiquarian Asian art reference books during Asian Art in London, from 31st October to 9th November 2013. Our weekend opening hours will be as follows:

Saturday, 2nd November 11.00 – 18.00
Sunday, 3rd November 11.00 – 21.00
Saturday, 9th November 11.00 – 18.00

We have also produced a catalogue of our stock of Chinese and other Asian Art books which is available to download here:

Asian Art in London - catalogue

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New Exhibition: Masterpieces of Chinese Painting: 700 – 1900


A rare chance to see important works of Chinese painting in London is offered by the Masterpieces of Chinese Painting exhibition at the V&A which opens this week. The exhibition runs until 19 January 2014 and the catalogue is currently in stock:

Zhang Hongxing (ed.): Masterpieces of Chinese Painting: 700 – 1900. Exhibition: London, Victoria & Albert Museum, 2013. 360 pp., numerous colour illustrations. Hardback. 28.7 x 24.7cms.

79 works are presented, ranging from the Tang Dynasty paintings from Dunhuang through to the Shanghai School of the 19th century. These include both figurative and landscape paintings lent from Chinese, American, European and Japanese museum collections in the first exhibition of its kind in the UK for over 40 years. Essays discuss the form and structure of Chinese paintings, their seals and inscriptions, conservation and the history of collecting Chinese paintings in the USA, Europe and China.  £ 40.00

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Book of the Day: Bronzes de la Chine Impériale: Des Song aux Qing


This catalogue of 115 fine bronze vessels, mirrors and sculptures in the Cernuschi museum’s collection provides a welcome new look at this exciting area of Chinese art. Accompanying essays discussing Chinese scholarship over the centuries and issues in the identification of forgeries. The exhibition runs until the 19th of January 2014.

Maucuer, Michael (ed.):  Bronzes de la Chine Impériale: Des Song aux Qing.  Exhibition: Paris, Musée Cernuschi, 2013. 236 pages, colour plates throughout. Paperback.  Text in French. £ 32.00

Other useful references on Chinese bronzes currently in stock include:

96243Palace Musem:  Bronzes Gallery of the Palace Museum.  Beijing: 2012. 304 pp.,132 colour plates. Wrappers in a slipcase, 29 x 21.8cms. 

A catalogue of 131 prize pieces of archaic bronze dating from the Shang to the Han dynasty alongside rubbings of their inscriptions.  Text in Chinese. £ 75.00

96245World in Mirror: Selected Bronze Mirrors from Lloyd Cotsen’s Donation.  Exhibition: Shanghai, Museum, 2012. 139 pp., numerous colour illustrations including 59 colour plates. 29.6 x 22.8cms.

Catalogue of the Lloyd Cotsen collection of Bronze mirrors from the Warring States period to the Tang dynasty donated to the Shanghai Museum in 2012.  Text in Chinese. £ 46.00

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Ming and Qing Imperial Furniture

The furniture of the Forbidden City lends us both a personal connection to the Chinese Imperial Court and an opportunity to become party to the visually stunning interiors in which its members lived. Two recent and lavishly illustrated publications on the subject are currently in stock:

96764Classics of the Forbidden City: Imperial Furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties.  Beijing: 2008. 355 pages, colour plates throughout. Cloth in a slipcase. 30 x 30cms.  Wide ranging catalogue of approximately 360 items from huanghuali tables and chairs to lacquered cabinets, screens, stands and beds. Also includes around 20 photographs of interiors of the Forbidden City showing the present-day arrangement of the furniture.  Text in Chinese. £ 72.00

96697Forbidden City Collection: Ming Style Furniture in the Palace Museum.  Beijing: 2011. 294 pages, numerous colour plates throughout. Cloth in a slipcase. 30 x 30cms.  Catalogue of 198 magnificent pieces of huanghuali, zitan and lacquered furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties formally of the Imperial household.  Text in Chinese. £ 86.00

For those in search of more provincial pieces the following beautifully produced volume may be of use:

96782Liu, Chuansheng:  Classical Chinese Lacquered Furniture.  Beijing: 2013. 360 pp., colour plates throughout. Cloth in a slipcase, 33.5 x 25.5cms.  67 lacquered chairs, tables, cabinets, chests and screens from the 16th to 18th centuries, deriving from Beijing and Shanxi (with a few earlier examples).  Text in Chinese with English summary.  £ 98.00

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