Now Available for Pre-Order! A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings Volume VI

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Available October 2014: A Corpus of Rembrandt Paintings Volume VI : Rembrandt’s Paintings Revisited A Complete Survey by Ernst van de Wetering

A revised, chronologically ordered survey of Rembrandt’s entire oeuvre of 336 paintings, including 70 re-attributions made by the author, argued in extensive commentaries.

Stichting Foundation Rembrandt Research Project. Sixth and final volume. XII, 736 pages, with 1135 colour illustrations, including 430 colour plates and 77 enlarged details. Hardback. 34.5 x 24.5cms.

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after that: £1079.50

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Book of the Day: Gerhard Richter, Pictures/Series

New in today!

The companion volume to a large-scale exhibition of the works of Gerhard Richter (b. 1962) at the Fondation Beyeler, which presents the full spectrum of Richter’s paintings, subjects and techniques.

Details as follows:

Didi-Huberman, Georges, Dietmar Elger, Michiko Kono, Hans Ulrich Obrist, et al:  Gerhard Richter: Pictures/Series.  Exhibition: Basel, Fondation Beyeler, 2014. 192 pages, with 225 illustrations. Hardback. 28 x 31.5cms.  £ 45.00

We also have the following SIGNED catalogue raisonné on Richter available:


Gronert, Stefan, Thomas Olbricht and Hubertus Butin:  Gerhard Richter – Editions 1965-2013. Catalogue Raisonné.  Ostfildern: 2014. 340 pages, with 320 illustrations. Signed in pencil by the artist on the half-title page. Hardback. 25 x 29cms.  The definitive catalogue of the artist’s prints, photography editions, artist’s books, object multiples, and painting editions from 1965 to 2013, with 162 entries, all fully reproduced in colour. Also includes 26 critical essays discussing Richter’s subjects and media. £ 400.00

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Edward Ruscha Catalogue Raisonné Volume 6: Due for Release This Week!

The sixth volume of the catalogue raisonné on Edward Ruscha (b. 1937) documents 227 paintings, and 3 key series, including the ‘Metro Plots’, ‘Mountain’ and ‘Course of Empire’ paintings produced between 1998 and 2003. Accompanied by documentary photographs, sketchbook pages, exhibition histories and a complete bibliography.


Details as follows:

Dean, Robert and Thomas Crow:  Edward Ruscha. Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings. Volume 6: 1998-2003.  Volume 6. 2014. 570 pages, illustrated in colour throughout. Hardback. 24 x 29cms.  £ 145.00

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Now Available for Pre-Order! Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné, Volume 4


Presenting the fourth volume of the proposed 6 volume catalogue raisonné on the paintings and sculptures of Andy Warhol (1928-1987). This volume documents the works produced in the artist’s studio on the third floor of 860 West Broadway, between 1974 and 1976, including 607 paintings and 1 sculpture.

Available at Thomas Heneage Art Books from 8th September 2014

Publication details as follows:

Printz, Neil and Sally King-Nero:  Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné, Volume 4: Paintings and Sculpture late 1974-1976.  Vol 4. London: 2014. 608 pages, with 640 colour and 100 black and white illustrations. Hardback. 25 x 29cms.  £ 295.00

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Also available on Andy Warhol:

Andy Warhol von Paul Marechal

Maréchal, Paul:  Andy Warhol: The Complete Commissioned Posters, 1964-1987.  London: 2014. 160 pages, with 161 colour illustrations. Hardback. 25 x 33cms.  Surveys the American Pop artist’s contribution to the art of poster design, covering a range of topics, from cultural events to music, politics and iconic brands. Arranged chronologically, with an introductory essay on the history of poster art, drawing comparisons between Warhol’s art and that of Toulouse-Lautrec and Keith Haring.£ 35.00



New catalogue raisonné: Marten van Cleve (1527 – 1581)

Marten van Cleve


Now available: the first extensive monograph on the Flemish artist and contemporary of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, with a catalogue raisonné of 201 paintings and 18 drawings. 

by Klaus and Christa Nitze-Ertz. Lingen. 248 pages, with 12 colour and 170 black and white illustrations. Includes bibliography and list of paintings by location. Hardback. Text in German.

Pleas click here for the Contents Page

£ 175.00

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New in Today! Lucio Fontana: Catalogue Raisonné of the Works on Paper

The most complete catalogue to date of an important part of the artistic output of Italian artist Lucio Fontana (1899-1968). It is arranged chronologically and divides four decades of the artist’s creative activity into thematic explorations, beginning with a corpus of figural works, which already coexisted with his abstract research of the 1930s, and culminates in his original invention of ‘spatial’ art, the concept that led to the instantly recognisable holes, environments and slashes that make up his most famous pieces.

Publication details as follows:

Massimo Barbero, Luca:  Lucio Fontana: Catalogue Raisonné of the Works on Paper.  3 Volumes. 2014. 1416 pages, with 400 colour and 5700 black and white illustrations. Hardcover in slipcase. 24 x 28cms.  Text in English and Italian. £335.00

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New Catalogue Raisonné: Nicolas de Staël Works on Paper

98373Now available! Catalogue raisonné of the artist’s graphic work, documenting his experiments in pencil, charcoal, felt, engraving, ink, lithography and collage.

Details as follows:

Staël, Françoise de: Nicolas de Staël: Catalogue raisonné des oeuvres sur papier. 2013. 600 pages, with 600 colour and 1000 black and white illustrations. Hardback. 24.5 x 30cms. Text in French. £ 130.00

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Now Available: Renoir. Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings – Volume 5, Bernheim-Jeune

The fifth and final volume to complete the catalogue raisonné on the French Impressionst Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), covering the later paintings, pastels, drawings and watercolours, classified chronologically and by subject and type.

Publication Details as Follows:

Dauberville, Guy-Patrice & Michel:  Renoir. Catalogue raisonné of paintings, pastels, drawings and watercolours: 1911-1919 & First SupplementVolume 5. Paris: 2014. 591 pages, with 988 illustrations. Hardback. 24 x 34cms.    Text in French & English. £ 560.00

The previous 4 volumes are also available to buy, as a set, covering the following years:

Renoir 1

Volume I, 1858 – 1881

Volume II, 1882 – 1894

Volume III, 1895 – 1902

Volume IV, 1903 – 1910

Dauberville, Guy-Patrice  & Michel:  Renoir. Catalogue raisonné of paintings, pastels, drawings and watercolours. Volume 1-4.  4 volumes. Paris: Bernheim-Jeune, 2010-2012. £ 2,000.00

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JAR Paris Volume 2

Hot on the heels of the current show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this long-awaited catalogue celebrates the elegant and innovative jewellery of Joel Arthur Rosenthal, documenting 316 of his creations produced since the 2002 Somerset House exhibition, and forming the second volume of his catalogue raisonné.

Publication details as follows:

Rosenthal, Joel Arthur:  JAR Paris II.  Volume II. London: 552 pages, with 269 colour and 101 monochrome illustrations. Bound in silk. 34.5 x 26cms. £550.00

Also available as a two-volume set, with the reprint of the elusive 2002 Somerset House exhibition catalogue:

Jar 1 and 2

Rosenthal, Joel Arthur:  JAR Paris I.  684 (unpaginated) pages, with 397 colour illustrations. Bound in silk. 33.7 x 26cms. The exhibition brought together 400 of JAR’s exceptional and sought-after creations, never before displayed on this scale in public.

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New exhibition catalogue now available for the Royal Academy’s much anticipated show!

This richly illustrated publication covers 300 years of Australian art, tracing its progression from early Aboriginal painting, through the iconic works of Sidney Nolan and onwards, towards the prints, drawings, photographs and films produced by contemporary artists such as Tracey Moffatt, Fiona Hall and Vernon Ah Kee. Pays particular attention to the vast diversity of the Australian landscape and considers the country’s social and cultural evolution, through 200 works, drawn from important Australian public collections.

Caruana, Wally, Franchesca Cubillo, Anna Gray, Deborah Hart, et al:  Australia.  Exhibition: London, Royal Academy, 2013. 320 pages, with 200 colour illustrations. Hardback. 28 x 24cms.  £ 48.00

The show also features work by Bea Maddock. Buy her catalogue raisonné here!

Details as follows:


Mulvaney, Richard, Bridget Sullivan Arkless, Daniel Thomas, et al:  Bea Maddock: Catalogue Raisonné Volume 1, 1951-1983.  Launceston: 2011. 302 pages, illustrated in colour throughout. Contains a CD-ROM with images of the artist’s work. Hardback. 26 x 28cms.  The first of a projected two volume catalogue raisonné on the Tasmanian artist Bea Maddock (b. 1934). Catalogues 918 works, from the first sandstone carving made by the artist in 1951, aged 17, up until the 1983 Ash Wednesday fire in Victoria destroyed the contents of her studio. Contains commentary and illustrated poems from Maddock, as well as a complete biography, researched and written by curator Daniel Thomas. £ 100.00

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