The Art of Borrowing – New in Stock!

We don’t advise that you do as this book suggests, but instead invite you to consider whether appropriation is as morally untenable as we are all told…

The collection of essays in this book, ranging from discussions of repetition in the Bible (‘Borrowing Sex: Speaking of Divine Love’) to those of music (‘Organic Wholes: Ralph Vaughan Williams and G.E. Moore’) and art (‘Harvest’), cleverly illustrate how works can shift and change through the creations of others.

The interior of this publication is amusingly presented as a borrowed library book, with its title page a stamp that indicates edition number, and sections that appear to be photocopied covertly under the watchful eye of an officious librarian.

Williamson, Paul (ed.):  The Art of Borrowing: or how one thing leads to another.  Cambridge: 2016. 160 pages, with colour and black and white illustrations. Limited first edition of 150 copies. Paperback. 26.5 x 19cms.

Now in Stock! Francis Bacon Catalogue Raisonné


To celebrate the release of the Francis Bacon catalogue raisonné, we are offering free delivery tomorrow morning (30th June) to all London addresses – place your order today!

This magnificent 5 volume set presents the artist’s entire oeuvre for the first time, including over 100 previously unknown works. Surmounts the 1964 Rothenstein and Alley catalogue raisonné which documented just 37% of the artist’s work up until 1992. Contains over 900 illustrations across five, cloth-bound hardback volumes, and includes an extensive introduction, chronology, index, catalogue of the artist’s sketches and illustrated bibliography.

This 10 year project will be released tomorrow: 30th June


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Publication Details as follows:

Harrison, Martin:  Francis Bacon Catalogue Raisonné.  5 Vols. London: 2016. 1,584 pages, with over 900 colour illustrations. Hardback in a slipcase. 31 x 24.5cms.

Price: GBP 1,000.00


Olympia Book Fair 2016 Highlights!



Highlights include Picasso. Le Goût du Bonheur, a suite of happy, playful, and erotic drawings by Jean Marcenac

Bibliographical details:

From a total edition of 1998 copies, this one of 666 copies published by Harry N. Abrams, New York (666 copies were published by Editions Cercle d’Art, Paris and 666 copies by Carl Schünemann, Bremen), with an etching by Picasso of a painter at work before his easel, dated 21.7.70 in the plate and signed in pencil. Of the total edition, this is one of 105 de luxe copies, containing the etching and printed on Vélin d’Arches. Loose in cloth-wrapped boards with a reproduction of Picasso’s signature on the cover.

Details as follows:

Inspired by a book on Marino Marini in which the reproductions were printed using a new process developed by Gunter Dietz, Picasso agreed to have 3 notebooks published using the same method – described by Cramer as ‘a silkscreen in three dimensions’ –  that employs the same materials used by the artist, instead of the usual printing inks. Thus 68 drawings were here reproduced using grease crayon, lithographic tusche, lead pencil, charcoal, india ink and coloured chalk. They are in the exact size of the original drawings. Accompanied by an introduction by Jean Marcenac on the subject of desire and love.


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Olympia Book Fair 2016 Highlights!



Highlights include Pomologia Batava by M. Van Noort.

Bibliographical details:

Noort, M. Van:  Pomologia Batava of afbeelding en beschrijving van onderscheidene soorten van appelen en peeren, welke in de Nederlandsche gewesten worden gekweekt. Allen naar het leven in kleuren geteekend en beschreven.  Leiden, C. C. van der Hoek [1830]. 4to, 4 pages of introduction, 84 leaves of hand coloured plates lithographed by L. Springer of Leyden each with a corresponding page of explanatory text. Contemporary half leather over rolled book cloth, spine with golden raised bands. Endpapers with a golden pattern of leaves on a black background. Half-title, verso blank. Title-page, verso blank. The foreword Voorschoten ‘t Huis ter Wadding 22nd December 1830 signed by the author in ink.

Details as follows:

The collation of this very rare book has always proven complicated, perhaps exacerbated by the plates being unnumbered and the hand colour giving visual variants. Nissen calls for 173 plates which is clearly wrong, but may be an interpretation of the number of variant names that van Noordt gives in his text. Landwehr lists 84 plates and cites as five sources amongst which Wageningen. Wageningen has published a website on the Pomologia which lists and illustrates 84 plates without a concordance to Landwehr.
This has thrown up discrepancies (there are minor miss-transcriptions in both Landwehr and the Wageningen site): Landwehr 60 lists VANENBURGER DIRKJES-PEER. Wageningen illustrates both a VANENBURGER plate and a DIRKJES-PEER plate. Three copies record individual VANENBURGER and DIRKJES-PEER plates. If Landwehr made a simple transcriptional error listing two plates on one line. If this is so then Landwehr 84 RENET VAN ZORGVLIET must be the missing 85th plate often speculated on; but then it is hard to explain how Landwehr missed this when inspecting the Wageningen copy. World Cat records 9 copies with 84 plates which with the inclusion of our copy and the Koninklijke copy makes 11 known copies with 84 plates and none recorded with 85 . Whatever the answer to this collational confusion, our copy, with 84 plates is the most complete on the market in many years.

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The London International Antiquarian Book Fair 2016



Thomas Heneage Art Books will be exhibiting at the London International Antiquarian Book Fair this 26th – 28th May!

Opening hours:

Thursday 26th: 1pm-8pm

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Olympia National, Olympia Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX

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New Publication in Stock! The Edible Monument, The Art of Food for Festivals.


The book surveys preparation of ornate edibles for public and courtly festivals throughout the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries in Europe, revealing just how much effort and expense went into such celebrations. Drawing on a variety of primary sources and secondary sources: etchings of designs for festivals, contemporary paintings and documents, this book offers a richly visual introduction to the world the early modern European feast. In her examination, Marcia Reed cites Mattia Gegher’s Li Tre Trattati published in Padua by Paolo Frambotto in 1639. We have an original copy in stock! Please see the post below for 21.10.2015. Also please see below  our other title pertaining to table decoration and edible sculpture: Dolci trionfi e finissime piegature, Sculture in zucchero e tovaglioli per le nozze fiorentine di Maria de’ Medici. This examines the preparations made in Florence for the celebration of the proxy marriage of Maria de’ Medici and Henry of Navarre, giving particular attention to Giambologna’s designs for sugar sculptures.

Reed, Marcia (ed): The Edible Monument. The Art of Food for Festivals. Exhibition: Los Angeles, The Getty Research Institute, 2015. Hardcover. 23.5 x 26cms. £25

Book of the Day! Yayoi Kusama: Infinity

kusamaDocuments the Japanese artist’s first retrospective in Scandinavia, at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek. Presents a selection of Kusama’s youth works from Japan, alongside a new series of paintings specifically created for the show. Also includes a special feature on the artist’s involvement with fashion and design during the 1960s.

Publication details as follows:

Laurberg, Marie, Jo Applin, Stefan Wurrer, Yayoi Kusama, et al:  Yayoi Kusama. Infinity.  Exhibition: Helsinki, HAM – Helsinki Art Museum; Humlebaek, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art; Oslo, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter and Stockholm, Moderna Museet, 2015. 128 pages, fully illustrated in colour. Hardback. 21.5 x 26cms.  £ 30.00

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New in stock! A catalogue of the Bernard and Mary Berenson Collection of European Paintings at I Tatti.


A comprehensive catalogue and overview, of the personal collection of Bernard and Mary Berenson assembled at their villa I Tatti in Settignano at the turn of the 20th century. Berenson was a pioneer of the Morelli method in authenticating artworks and one of the most prominent art historians and connoisseurs of the last century, particularly influential in America. Mary, his partner, was crucial to the formation of the collection, sharing Bernard’s passion for Renaissance masters. The collection was part of a larger trend of collecting in the late Victorian era, and Berenson’s services as authenticator extended to many wealthy patrons, including Isabella Stewart Gardner. The opening chapters delve into the beginning of Bernard and Mary’s career as collectors, their life at Settignano and their travels throughout Europe and, especially, Italy. The catalogue of 149 entries reveals fascinating, otherwise unseen, pieces ranging from the 14th to the 16th century, from Gentileschi da Fabriano, Lorenzo Lotto, Giovanni Bellini to Domenico Veneziano, amongst others. There is also a catalogue of the counterfeits that the Berensons’ acquired in the process of collecting. The catalogue is accompanied by high quality reproductions and entries citing the personal correspondence of the Berensons’, their inventories and diary entries. This is a book for both those interested in the Berenson collection and the art of the Italian Renaissance.

Publication details: Strehlke, Carl Brandon and Machtelt Bruggen Israels: The Bernard and Mary Berenson Collection of European Paintings at I Tatti. Milan: 2015. 804 pages, with 180 colour and 40 black and white illustrations. Hardback. 30.5 x 25.5cms. £90

Also available at Thomas Heneage Art Books is the recent publication from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: Ornament and Illusion, Carlo Crivelli in Venice. This is the museum that was established by one of the first of Berenson’s patrons, Isabella Stewart Gardner, who amassed a personal collection of European masterpieces with his help. Meanwhile, it was Berenson who introduced Carlo Crivelli to America by writing a substantial series of articles on him in the 1890s, which promoted Crivelli as an artist who defied classification. This fully illustrated catalogue examines Crivelli’s oeuvre in new light, offers scholarly essays on Crivelli’s technique and practice, and a historiography of the reception of Crivelli since the Renaissance, in which Berenson’s contribution was critical.


Publication details: Campbell, Stephen J., C. Jean Campbell, Francesco De Carolis et al.:  Ornament and Illusion: Carlo Crivelli of Venice.  Exhibition: Boston, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, 2015. 256 pages with 100 colour illustrations. Paperback. 28 x 24cms. £35


New in Stock! Dolci trionfi e finissime piegature, Sculture in zucchero e tovaglioli per le nozze fiorentine di Maria de’ Medici.

Front cover of sugar sculpurelion devouring bull sugarCatalogue at the Palazzo Pitti that examines sugar sculptures, the art of napkin folding and other table ornamentation for one of the most sumptuous wedding feasts in early modern Europe, the celebration of the proxy marriage between Maria de’ Medici and Henry IV of France. The catalogue entries include sugar sculptures designed by Giambologna (1529 – 1608): a glittering miniature Venus, the lion of Florence devouring a bull, and other designs in bronze that were recreated in sugar.  A whole chapter is dedicated to napkin folding, with modern reconstructions of 17th century designs, based on a 1629 edition of the Tre Trattati by Mattia Giegher. Also cited are instruction manuals for chefs; lavish dishes of silver gilt, lapis lazuli, ormolu and rock crystal; designs for a Medici-Bourbon coat of arms; medals and official paintings to commemorate the marriage; finishing with a painting by Bonaventura Gandi (1680 – 1731) of an attendant laying the final touches to a table covered in delicacies. The catalogue demonstrates just how much effort and expense went into such festivities, revealing both the artistry an extravagance of courtly resplendence.

Publication details:

Giusti, Giovanna, Riccardo Spinelli: Dolci Trionfi e Finissime Piegature. Sculture in Zucchero e Tovaglioli per le Nozze Fiorentine di Maria De’ Medici. Exhibition: Florence, Palazzo Pitti, 2015. 152 pages with 180 illustrations in colour. Paperback. 25 x 21cms. Text in Italian. £16.00

Also at Thomas Heneage Art Books we have the 2nd edition of the above cited Li Tre Trattati by Mattia Giegher from 1639, leather bound and in good condition. Mattia Giegher was a Bavarian master carver living in Padua, where sophisticated and theatrical dining was a central aspect of court life. This book was his most significant work, covering meat carving, table setting, serving, and napkin folding. It is illustrated with 48 prints of elaborate napkin sculptures in the forms of animals, monsters, and galleons; diagrams showing the correct placement of dishes on a table; serving utensils; cuts of beef, pork, hare, fowl, fish, and lobster; and decoratively peeled and sliced fruits. For those further interested in court festivities and lavish table decorating in early modern Europe, this is a crucial and informative edition.

Frontpiece Le Tre Trattati

napkin folding illustration


Publication details:

Giegher, Mattia. Li Tre Trattati. Padua: Paolo Frambotto, 1639. Oblong quarto (14.5 x 19.5 cm). Portrait of the author and 48 engraved plates, engraved capitals and tail-pieces.  Contemporary calf rebacked with the original spine laid down, spine gilt in compartments.

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Now Available! Alighiero e Boetti Catalogue Raisonné Volume 3

108303Volume 3 of the catalogue raisonné on Alighiero Boetti (1940-1994) will be published in 2 parts; the first, now available, focuses on the maps, embroideries, biro drawings and ‘aerei’ (planes) created by the artist between 1980 and 1987 – grouped first by type and then date.

Publication details as follows:

Ammann, Jean-Christophe:  Alighiero Boetti Catalogo Generale. Tomo Terzo 1980-1987.  Volume 3. Milan: 2015. 320 pages, fully illustrated. Hardback in a slipcase. 25 x 28cms. Text in Italian. £ 110.00

To place an order, please contact the bookshop at or by calling +44 (0)20 7930 9223

Also available on Alighiero e Boetti:

103770Soldaini, Antonella, Giovan Battista Salerno, Mario Codognato, et al:  Alighiero e Boetti.  Exhibition: London, Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1999. 88 pages, illustrated throughout in colour. Paperback. 24.5 x 29cms.  £ 100.00