Treasures from the Al Thani Collection. Exhibitions held in The Palace Museum, Beijing, 2018.

This three-volume set covers two exhibitions held in the Meridian Hall Galleries of the Forbidden City in Beijing in 2018. The exhibitions are a monumental survey of pieces from the Al Thani Collection together with very prestigious loans from the al-Sabah and Ortiz collections and the Fabergé Museum.

The first volume of the set documents the exhibition “The Gems and Jewels of India”. It is split into different sections including: The Mughal Treasury; Dynastic Gem and Jewels; Objects of Jade and Rock Crystal; Objects in Gold and Enamel; Regalia and Jewelled Ornaments; Cartier and the Great European Jewellers, and, finally, Contemporary Creations.

The second and third volumes both document a second exhibition, held in 2018, entitled “Masterpieces from a Royal Collection”. Volume II focuses on ‘The Ancient World’ and ‘The Wider World’. The former includes Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Mesopotamian and Iranian works as well as Central Asian treasures, whilst the latter has objects from China, Pre- Columbian Central and South America, Africa and the Pacific.

Volume III is split more specifically into ‘The Islamic World’ and ‘The European World’. Each theme is further devided into sub sections which cover all aspects of art including Manuscripts, Miniatures, Metalwork and Textiles, or Medieval Reliquaries, Limoges Enamels, Renaissance Jewellery, Rock Crystal and Wunderkammer objects, Silver, Jewellery (Cartier, Melerio, Chaumet, Bolin) and 54 pieces by Fabergé.

Text in English and Chinese.


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New exhibition catalogue: Indian Jewellery at the Kremlin

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IndiaIndia: Jewels that Enchanted the World

Exhibition: Moscow, Kremlin Museum, 2014. 428 pages with 430 colour illustrations. Hardback. 34 x 26cms.  

Explores the development of the jeweller’s art in various regions of India in the last five hundred years, the interaction between Persia, India, and Europe, and cultural exchange between European and Indian jewellery traditions. The exhibition includes more than 300 pieces, many shown for the first time, and drawn from museums, institutions and private collections from around the world.  ISBN: 9780992840419

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Jaffer, Amin:  Beyond Extravagance: Gems and Jewels of Royal India.  

New York: 2013. 416 pages, with 250 illustrations. Hardcover in slipcase. 35 x 28cms.  

Explores more than four centuries of Indian jewelled objects through the Al-Thani Collection, demonstrating the evolution of style and technique in court jewellery from the peak of the Mughal imperial patronage, to inventive creations of the 21st century. Key pieces include a carved jade dagger hilt owned by Shah Jahan, builder of the Taj Mahal; a group of engraved imperial Mughal spinels; a collection of enamelled objects from Hyderabad, the Arcot II diamond and Taj Mahal emerald; a choker made by Cartier for the Maharaja of Patiala, in addition to contemporary creations by JAR and Bhagat using historic Indian stones.  ISBN: 9781614281290

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