Four Books on the Decorative Arts

Luigi Valadier

By Alvar Gonzalez-Palacios

This is the catalogue for the forthcoming exhibition at the Frick on Roman designer Luigi Valadier (1726-1785), whose luxurious furniture and ornaments furnished the palaces of the Papacy and aristocracy across eighteenth-century Europe. Famed for the elaborate elegance of his centrepieces in marble, gold, hard stone, and gilt bronze, he was also a gifted draftsman.

Fifty objects by Valadier and his workshop are featured in this catalogue, with full descriptions. Many are illustrated in parallel with the artist’s drawn designs. The volume also explores the exact provenance, dating, and attributions of the pieces within the Valadier family, with Luigi’s father Andrea and son Giuseppe often collaborating with each other, as well as with other workshops.

Exhibition dates: 31st of October 2018 to the 20th of January 2019.

560 pages with 368 colour illustrations.


30.5 x 23cms.



Giacomo Raffaelli (1753-1836). Maestro di stile e di mosaico (master of style and mosaics)

By Massimo Alfieri, Laura Biancini, Tassinari Gabriella, and E. Andreevna Yakovleva

This volume examines the whole of Giacomo Rafaelli’s known oeuvre. The Roman micro-mosaicist catered to a clientele of Grand Tourists, producing exquisite plates, tables, and jewellery for the aristocracy on their alpine travels. Attracted by his prestige, the Napoleonic government commissioned him to found a mosaic school in Milan and to create his most famous piece: a replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s last supper.

With comprehensive catalogue descriptions, the book is illustrated with a wide range of mosaics and stone works belonging to museums and private collections in Europe and the United States.

376 pages with 400 colour and several black and white illustrations.


24.5 x 31cms.

Text in Italian



Pelagio Pelagi Decorateur des Palais Royaux de Turin et du Piémont (1832-1856)

By Betrand Royere

A retracing of Pelagio Pelagi’s decoration of the Royal Palace of Turin and the castles of Racconigi and Pollenzo, amongst others. The artist was commissioned upon the accession of Charles Albert to the throne of Piedmont-Sardinia, in the hope that they might mimic the stylishness of French design whilst employing an Italian artisan. Famed as an arbiter of taste, his style ranged from the neoclassical to the eclectic, and who incorporated the latest archaeological discoveries of Etruscan art into the highest royal fashions.

The book focuses in detail on the lavish wall decorations, furniture, bronzes, paintings and sculptures. It draws from the rich archives of Turin and Bologna to give full catalogue descriptions of each piece, with illustrations of the drawn designs by this painter-architect-decorator.

400 pages, 269 illustrations.


26 x 31cms.

Text in French



Paris Furniture, the luxury market of the 19th century.

By Christopher Payne.

This publication offers a comprehensive survey of over one hundred Paris-based furniture makers who, during the 19th-Century, produced luxury furniture for international aristocrats, bankers, and newly wealthy industrialists. Among the featured craftsmen are Sormani, Bagues, Barbedienne, Christofle, Lievre, Viardot, Dasson, Grohe, Sauvrezy, Fourdinois, Beurdeley and Linke.

Detailed information is given on production dates, furniture styles, identification marks, exhibitions, and patrons of this period in which Paris, despite the century’s tumultuous beginnings, was once again the centre of the world for sumptuous comfort and experimental design.

608 pages with about 1,500 illustrations.


24 x 28cms.



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The McFerrin Collection. A Remarkable Array of Fabergé

McFerrin 1We would all love to awake to a Fabergé egg under the tree on Christmas morning, but in the meantime this catalogue, published on the occasion of the exhibition Fabergé: A Brilliant Vision, at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, might just be the next best thing for all jewellery lovers!

Fabergé, Tatiana, Dorothy McFerrin, et al:  From a Snowflake to an Iceberg: The McFerrin Collection. A Remarkable Array of Fabergé. New York: 2013. 288 pages, illustrated throughout in colour. Hardback. 24 x 29cms.

McFerrin 4

The catalogue of  one of the world’s most significant private Fabergé collections, among whose highlights are the Nobel Ice Egg, the Empress Josephine Tiara, and the ornate Fire Screen Frame, a gift from Tsar Nicholas II to his mother, Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna. Includes a plethora of  imperial presentation boxes, cigarette and vesta cases, jewellery, hardstone animals, enamelled eggs, desk clocks, and scent bottles, along with other artworks, all fully reproduced with dimensions and provenance. Essays discuss gift giving in the House of Romanov, the Bismarck Box, and Fabergé’s marks, workmasters, and use of gems.
£ 145.00

McFerrin 3

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Book of the Day

Now in stock!

The first publication to chronicle the Arts and Crafts movement in Scotland, from its initial appearance in the 1860s through to its heyday between 1890 and 1914. Includes chapters on Pheobe Traquair and Robert Stodart Lorimer, among other influential individuals, and surveys a range of crafts, including stained glass, metalwork and textiles, within the domains of art, architecture and design.

Details as follows:

Carruthers, Annette:  The Arts and Crafts Movement in Scotland, A History.  2013. 468 pages, 100 colour and 250 black and white illustrations. Hardback. 28.5 x 24.5cms. £ 60.00

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New Titles for London Fashion Week

To celebrate London Fashion week, we’ve filled our windows with some beautiful new monographs on all kinds of designers, from Roger Vivier and Philip Treacy to fashion photographers Klaus Mitteldorf and Guy Bourdin. New titles on costume, men’s fashion, shoes and textiles are also available, as are exhibition catalogues from the Metropolitan Museum’s recent show ‘Punk: Chaos to Couture’, and the Queen’s Gallery’s current exhibition on Tudor fashion: ‘In Fine Style’. We also have an exquisite selection of new jewellery publications on offer, as well as some charming fashion lithographs and drawings from the 1940s.

See below for a selection of this season’s must have buys:


Irvin, Kate: Artist, Rebel, Dandy: Men of Fashion. Exhibition: Providence, Rhode Island School of Design, 2013. 192pp., numerous colour plates. Cloth, 29 x 24cms. An exploration of the “dandy” and his various manifestations over the last 200 years from George IV to Oscar Wilde, Sebastian Horsley and Sruli Recht.  £ 35.00


Chaille, François: High Jewelry and Precious Objects by Cartier. The Odyssey of a Style. 2013. 148 pages with 230 illustrations. Hardback. 33 x 28cms. Reveals 100 new creations by the celebrated jeweller, reproduced in actual size. £ 80.00


Reynolds, Anna: In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion. Exhibition: London, Queen’s Gallery, 2013. 300pp., with over 250 colour illustrations. Hardback, 29 x 27.5cms. Examines the sumptous costumes of British monarchs and their courts, charting changing fashions during the 16th and 17 centuries through portraits by Hans Holbein the Younger, Nicholas Hilliard, Van Dyck and Peter Lely, alongside garments, jewellery, accessories and armour. £ 45.00


Mouzat, Virginie, Loic Prigent, Colombe Pringle and Olivier Saillard: Roger Vivier. 2013. 304pp., with 300 colour illustrations. Hardback. 23 x 30cms. £ 47.00

Amed, Imran, Tavi Gevenson, Tim Lim, et al: Pattern: 100 Fashion Designers, 10 Curators. London: 2013. 432pp., with 1000 colour illustrations. Hardback. 33.8 x 25cms.  £ 49.95



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The Return of JAR

This autumn is an exciting time for jewellery addicts: not only do we have the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition Jewels by JAR to look forward to (, but those who have despaired of finding a copy of the sumptuous 2002 catalogue JAR Paris will no doubt be delighted to hear that it has now been reprinted!

JAR 2Rosenthal, Joel Arthur:  JAR Paris.  Exhibition: London, Somerset House. 684 (unpaginated) pages, with 397 colour illustrations. Silk. 33.7 x 26cms.

Reprint of the elusive 2002 catalogue. Founded in 1977, JAR has remained a secret to many, except for those lucky enough to own a piece by him. Joel Arthur Rosenthal is a jeweller who works to the highest standards using traditional methods of craftsmanship, yet constantly pushing technique beyond its limits, to allow for increasingly unusual, beautiful and perfect pieces. Each jewel is unique, made of precious and semi-precious stones mounted in rare and unusual metals, the stones themselves dictating the style of the piece.  The exhibition brought together 400 of JAR’s exceptional and sought-after creations, never before displayed on this scale in public.

£ 500.00

Available for pre-order:

Sassoon, Adrian:  Jewels by JAR. Exhibition: New York, Metropolitan Museum, 2013. 120 pages with 65 colour illustrations. Hardback. 22.9 x 20.3cms.

A concise and accessible retrospective of the acclaimed contemporary jeweller Joel A. Rosenthal, famous for his innovative and organic designs, with nearly 40 pieces spanning his career.

£ 25.00

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Beautiful Boxes and Cartier Treasures


Etherington-Smith, Meredith: Ultra Vanities. Minaudières, Nécessaires and Compacts.

Exhibition: London, Goldsmiths Hall, 2013. 152pp, illustrated throughout in colour. Cloth, 30 x 25cms.

Whether or not you manage to make it to the exhibition before its close on July 20th, the opportunity to get hold of a copy of the catalogue should not be passed over. Some 50 vanity cases from the 18th to 20th century by Cartier, Fabergé and others are lavishly illustrated and interspersed with images of the glamorous beauties to whom they once belonged. The pieces are arranged under the categories including Orientalism, Cubism, Shanghainese Deco, Romantic Historicism.

£ 35.00

Ultra Vanities

The keen viewer will notice the Chinese flavour of a large number of these jeweled boxes and will not be surprised to hear the warmth of the reception of the Chinese audience that the Hong Kong based Liangyi Museum collection of vanity cases (many of them Cartier-designed) received when exhibited at the Forbidden City in Beijing in 2011. The sumptuous and bilingual catalogue from this exhibition is also available:


Palace Museum:  Contrast and Harmony, Selected Vanity Cases and Chinese Furniture of Liangyi Museum.  Exhibition: Beijing, Palace Museum, 2011. 250 pp., colour plates throughout. Cloth.

An exploration of the experiences of women in East and West through 111 boxes and cases from Cartier and other European jewellery makers and 29 Chinese pieces of huanghuali and zitan furniture and objects including cabinets, tables and screens from the Liangyi Museum, Hong Kong.  Text in English and Chinese.

£ 85.00

Further evidence of Chinese influences on Western jewellery can be found in the exhibition of the highlights from the Cartier collection which intriguingly, though perhaps unintentionally, reveals much about contemporary Chinese taste for the finest kinds of Western jewellery.


Palace Museum:  Cartier Treasures, King of Jewellers, Jewellers to Kings.  Exhibition: Beijing, Palace Museum, 2009. 495 pp., colour plates throughout. Cloth.

Catalogue of 346 fine pieces of jewellery the Cartier collection carefully selected for a Chinese audience for this important exhibition including introductory essays in on Chinese influences in the jewellery.  Text in English and Chinese.

£ 115.00

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Book of the Week: William Burges


Our own exclusive publication!

Mordaunt Crook, J (introduction by):  Designs For Fish Plates.  London: 2012. 44pp., with 18 illustrations. Wrappers, 20.5 x 16cms.

A facsimile edition of Designs for Fish Plates to be Executed for the Lord Bute, first published in 1878. Dreamt up by the British architect and designer William Burges (1827-81), the silver plates were likely a present to his friend and patron John Patrick Crichton-Stuart, the 3rd Marquess of Bute, or his family, and can now be seen in the dining room at Mount Stuart. Each is a witty piscatorial pun: salmon crowned king of fish, a perch on a perch, and a whiting being whitewashed.

£ 35.00

Interested in William Burges? You might also like the following recent publication:

Mordaunt Crook, J:  William Burges: and the High Victorian Dream. Revised and Enlarged Edition.  London: 2013. 432pp., with 300 illustrations in colour and black and white. Hard cover, 30.5 x 25cms.


William Burges (1827-81) was among the greatest architect-designers of his age, his masterpieces including Cork Cathedral, Cardiff Castle, Castell Coch, Knightshayes in Devon, and Mount Stuart on the Isle of Bute, alongside his own Tower House in Kensington. This enlarged and revised edition of the author’s 1981 publication not only includes numerous new colour illustrations, but also presents works discovered in the aftermath of the influential first edition.

£ 45.00


Pick Me Up 2013

It’s that time of year again when the lower galleries of Somerset House are filled to bursting with colour, noise, and creativity as dozens of artists, galleries and collectives converge for Pick Me Up, a festival devoted to contemporary graphic arts from the UK and beyond:

Well worth a visit this weekend!

Interested in graphic art? In stock:armin hoffman

Wichmann, Herausgegeben von Hans:  Armin Hofmann: His Work, Quest and Philosophy.  Basel, Boston and Berlin: Birkhäuser, 1989. 223pp., with 11 colour and 178 black and white illustrations. Cloth, 19.5 x 27.5cms.

An increasingly rare publication on Armin Hofmann (b. 1920), a pioneering graphic designer. Illustrates the work that shaped the Swiss Style: posters, logos, typographic work, orientation systems and three-dimensional designs for public buildings.  Text in English and German.