Rudolph Ackermann & the Regency World

By John Ford

This biography explores the full variety of Rudolph Ackermann’s life, documenting the range of his achievements. These include: designer, publisher, entrepreneur, humanitarian, propagandist, patriot, diplomat, and paterfamilias.

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Recognised as one of the most influential figures on design, fashion, and technical innovation in Regency England, Ackermann is perhaps less well known as a conduit between England, continental Europe, and the newly independent countries of Central and South America.  In this book his life is traced from his beginnings as an immigrant from Saxony, to his position as a leading figure in art and design, powerful political agent, and friend of the Royal family, Archbishop of Canterbury, and William Wilberforce.

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Drawing on new material, including previously unpublished letters, journals, and bank accounts, this text brings the great publisher alive more than ever before. Comprehensively illustrated, it also contains a check-list of over 600 books and prints published by Ackermann during his lifetime.


402 pages and 298 illustrations, of which 194 in colour.


21 x 29 cms.

Price: £50.00


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New Titles for London Fashion Week

To celebrate London Fashion week, we’ve filled our windows with some beautiful new monographs on all kinds of designers, from Roger Vivier and Philip Treacy to fashion photographers Klaus Mitteldorf and Guy Bourdin. New titles on costume, men’s fashion, shoes and textiles are also available, as are exhibition catalogues from the Metropolitan Museum’s recent show ‘Punk: Chaos to Couture’, and the Queen’s Gallery’s current exhibition on Tudor fashion: ‘In Fine Style’. We also have an exquisite selection of new jewellery publications on offer, as well as some charming fashion lithographs and drawings from the 1940s.

See below for a selection of this season’s must have buys:


Irvin, Kate: Artist, Rebel, Dandy: Men of Fashion. Exhibition: Providence, Rhode Island School of Design, 2013. 192pp., numerous colour plates. Cloth, 29 x 24cms. An exploration of the “dandy” and his various manifestations over the last 200 years from George IV to Oscar Wilde, Sebastian Horsley and Sruli Recht.  £ 35.00


Chaille, François: High Jewelry and Precious Objects by Cartier. The Odyssey of a Style. 2013. 148 pages with 230 illustrations. Hardback. 33 x 28cms. Reveals 100 new creations by the celebrated jeweller, reproduced in actual size. £ 80.00


Reynolds, Anna: In Fine Style: The Art of Tudor and Stuart Fashion. Exhibition: London, Queen’s Gallery, 2013. 300pp., with over 250 colour illustrations. Hardback, 29 x 27.5cms. Examines the sumptous costumes of British monarchs and their courts, charting changing fashions during the 16th and 17 centuries through portraits by Hans Holbein the Younger, Nicholas Hilliard, Van Dyck and Peter Lely, alongside garments, jewellery, accessories and armour. £ 45.00


Mouzat, Virginie, Loic Prigent, Colombe Pringle and Olivier Saillard: Roger Vivier. 2013. 304pp., with 300 colour illustrations. Hardback. 23 x 30cms. £ 47.00

Amed, Imran, Tavi Gevenson, Tim Lim, et al: Pattern: 100 Fashion Designers, 10 Curators. London: 2013. 432pp., with 1000 colour illustrations. Hardback. 33.8 x 25cms.  £ 49.95



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The Return of JAR

This autumn is an exciting time for jewellery addicts: not only do we have the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition Jewels by JAR to look forward to (, but those who have despaired of finding a copy of the sumptuous 2002 catalogue JAR Paris will no doubt be delighted to hear that it has now been reprinted!

JAR 2Rosenthal, Joel Arthur:  JAR Paris.  Exhibition: London, Somerset House. 684 (unpaginated) pages, with 397 colour illustrations. Silk. 33.7 x 26cms.

Reprint of the elusive 2002 catalogue. Founded in 1977, JAR has remained a secret to many, except for those lucky enough to own a piece by him. Joel Arthur Rosenthal is a jeweller who works to the highest standards using traditional methods of craftsmanship, yet constantly pushing technique beyond its limits, to allow for increasingly unusual, beautiful and perfect pieces. Each jewel is unique, made of precious and semi-precious stones mounted in rare and unusual metals, the stones themselves dictating the style of the piece.  The exhibition brought together 400 of JAR’s exceptional and sought-after creations, never before displayed on this scale in public.

£ 500.00

Available for pre-order:

Sassoon, Adrian:  Jewels by JAR. Exhibition: New York, Metropolitan Museum, 2013. 120 pages with 65 colour illustrations. Hardback. 22.9 x 20.3cms.

A concise and accessible retrospective of the acclaimed contemporary jeweller Joel A. Rosenthal, famous for his innovative and organic designs, with nearly 40 pieces spanning his career.

£ 25.00

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Beautiful Boxes and Cartier Treasures


Etherington-Smith, Meredith: Ultra Vanities. Minaudières, Nécessaires and Compacts.

Exhibition: London, Goldsmiths Hall, 2013. 152pp, illustrated throughout in colour. Cloth, 30 x 25cms.

Whether or not you manage to make it to the exhibition before its close on July 20th, the opportunity to get hold of a copy of the catalogue should not be passed over. Some 50 vanity cases from the 18th to 20th century by Cartier, Fabergé and others are lavishly illustrated and interspersed with images of the glamorous beauties to whom they once belonged. The pieces are arranged under the categories including Orientalism, Cubism, Shanghainese Deco, Romantic Historicism.

£ 35.00

Ultra Vanities

The keen viewer will notice the Chinese flavour of a large number of these jeweled boxes and will not be surprised to hear the warmth of the reception of the Chinese audience that the Hong Kong based Liangyi Museum collection of vanity cases (many of them Cartier-designed) received when exhibited at the Forbidden City in Beijing in 2011. The sumptuous and bilingual catalogue from this exhibition is also available:


Palace Museum:  Contrast and Harmony, Selected Vanity Cases and Chinese Furniture of Liangyi Museum.  Exhibition: Beijing, Palace Museum, 2011. 250 pp., colour plates throughout. Cloth.

An exploration of the experiences of women in East and West through 111 boxes and cases from Cartier and other European jewellery makers and 29 Chinese pieces of huanghuali and zitan furniture and objects including cabinets, tables and screens from the Liangyi Museum, Hong Kong.  Text in English and Chinese.

£ 85.00

Further evidence of Chinese influences on Western jewellery can be found in the exhibition of the highlights from the Cartier collection which intriguingly, though perhaps unintentionally, reveals much about contemporary Chinese taste for the finest kinds of Western jewellery.


Palace Museum:  Cartier Treasures, King of Jewellers, Jewellers to Kings.  Exhibition: Beijing, Palace Museum, 2009. 495 pp., colour plates throughout. Cloth.

Catalogue of 346 fine pieces of jewellery the Cartier collection carefully selected for a Chinese audience for this important exhibition including introductory essays in on Chinese influences in the jewellery.  Text in English and Chinese.

£ 115.00

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