New Cy Twombly Catalogues Raisonnés: Paintings, Volume VI and Drawings, Volume IV

Available now for pre-order, due November 2014:


Cy Twombly. Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings. Volume VI: 2008-2011. 

by Heiner Bastian

The final volume of the Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings, including, among others, the series of monumental rose paintings that occupied the artist in his twilight years. Text in German & English.

Munich: 2014. 192 pages, with 50 colour plates. Hardback. 31 x 27cms.

Price: £ 196.00


Cy Twombly: Drawings Catalogue Raisonné. Volume 4: 1964-1969.

by Heiner Bastian

The first volume in the series to cover Twombly’s whorl works (his response to Conceptual Art and Minimal Art) and his famous series Letters of Resignation.

Munich: 2014. 208 pages, with 286 colour plates. Hardback. 34 x 25cms.

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New in Today! Martin Kippenberger: Catalogue Raisonné of the paintings 1993 – 1997

101335Presents 225 paintings by the prolific German artist Martin Kippenberger (1953-1997) produced between 1993 and 1997 – the artist’s final years. All reproduced in full colour, alongside relevant source material, with an overview of unfinished works, a chronological list of works with black-and-white thumbnails, a chronological list of exhibitions and a bibliography.

Publication details as follows:

Capitain, Gisela; Regina Fiorito; Lisa Franzen:  Martin Kippenberger: Catalogue Raisonne of the paintings 1993 – 1997.  Vol IV. London: 2014. 480 pages, 500 colour illustrations. Hardback. 29.5 x 24.5cms. £ 240.00

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Book of the Day: Gerhard Richter, Pictures/Series

New in today!

The companion volume to a large-scale exhibition of the works of Gerhard Richter (b. 1962) at the Fondation Beyeler, which presents the full spectrum of Richter’s paintings, subjects and techniques.

Details as follows:

Didi-Huberman, Georges, Dietmar Elger, Michiko Kono, Hans Ulrich Obrist, et al:  Gerhard Richter: Pictures/Series.  Exhibition: Basel, Fondation Beyeler, 2014. 192 pages, with 225 illustrations. Hardback. 28 x 31.5cms.  £ 45.00

We also have the following SIGNED catalogue raisonné on Richter available:


Gronert, Stefan, Thomas Olbricht and Hubertus Butin:  Gerhard Richter – Editions 1965-2013. Catalogue Raisonné.  Ostfildern: 2014. 340 pages, with 320 illustrations. Signed in pencil by the artist on the half-title page. Hardback. 25 x 29cms.  The definitive catalogue of the artist’s prints, photography editions, artist’s books, object multiples, and painting editions from 1965 to 2013, with 162 entries, all fully reproduced in colour. Also includes 26 critical essays discussing Richter’s subjects and media. £ 400.00

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Edward Ruscha Catalogue Raisonné Volume 6: Due for Release This Week!

The sixth volume of the catalogue raisonné on Edward Ruscha (b. 1937) documents 227 paintings, and 3 key series, including the ‘Metro Plots’, ‘Mountain’ and ‘Course of Empire’ paintings produced between 1998 and 2003. Accompanied by documentary photographs, sketchbook pages, exhibition histories and a complete bibliography.


Details as follows:

Dean, Robert and Thomas Crow:  Edward Ruscha. Catalogue Raisonné of the Paintings. Volume 6: 1998-2003.  Volume 6. 2014. 570 pages, illustrated in colour throughout. Hardback. 24 x 29cms.  £ 145.00

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Now Available for Pre-Order! Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné, Volume 4


Presenting the fourth volume of the proposed 6 volume catalogue raisonné on the paintings and sculptures of Andy Warhol (1928-1987). This volume documents the works produced in the artist’s studio on the third floor of 860 West Broadway, between 1974 and 1976, including 607 paintings and 1 sculpture.

Available at Thomas Heneage Art Books from 8th September 2014

Publication details as follows:

Printz, Neil and Sally King-Nero:  Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné, Volume 4: Paintings and Sculpture late 1974-1976.  Vol 4. London: 2014. 608 pages, with 640 colour and 100 black and white illustrations. Hardback. 25 x 29cms.  £ 295.00

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Also available on Andy Warhol:

Andy Warhol von Paul Marechal

Maréchal, Paul:  Andy Warhol: The Complete Commissioned Posters, 1964-1987.  London: 2014. 160 pages, with 161 colour illustrations. Hardback. 25 x 33cms.  Surveys the American Pop artist’s contribution to the art of poster design, covering a range of topics, from cultural events to music, politics and iconic brands. Arranged chronologically, with an introductory essay on the history of poster art, drawing comparisons between Warhol’s art and that of Toulouse-Lautrec and Keith Haring.£ 35.00



Claim Your Jasper Johns Lithograph at Thomas Heneage Art Books this Month!

99861Now available with the May edition of Art in America.

Details as follows:

Fyfe, Joe, Michael Lobel, Sarah Crowner, Hilarie M. Sheets, Mimi Zeiger, et al:  Art in America.  New York: 2014. Vol. 102, No. 5 (May). Cover by Francis Stark, with a lithograph by Jasper Johns. Produced to coincide with ‘Jasper Johns: Regrets’ – a selection of recent paintings, drawings and prints currently on view at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Paperback. 23 x 28cms.

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Now Available for Pre-Order! Damien Hirst: The Complete Spot Paintings Catalogue Raisonné


This substantial publication not only operates as a catalogue raisonné of Damien Hirst’s endless series of spot paintings, but was created in order to celebrate the ambitious exhibition that took over 11 Gagosian Galleries worldwide in 2011, occupying spaces in New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Rome, Athens, Geneva and Hong Kong.

Publication details as follows:

Pincus-Witten, Robert, Michael Bracewell, John Baldessari, et al:  The Complete Spot Paintings. 1986-2011. Damien Hirst. 2014. 929 pages, with 1400 colour illustrations and 4 gate folds. Hardcover in slipcase. 27.9 x 22.8cms.  £ 195.00

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Book of the Day! Peter Doig: Early Works

98463This small format book features several early paintings and drawings made by Peter Doig (b. 1959) during the 1980s. The works reveal a range of influences, from artists such as Miró, Chagall and A.R. Penck to cinematic sources and popular culture, still present in his practice today.

Publication Details as follows:

Shiff, Richard:  Peter Doig: Early Works.  Exhibition: London, Michael Werner, 2013. 96 pages with 46 colour illustrations and five fold-out pages. Hardcover. 12.5 x 19cms. £ 25.00

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New Publications from Victoria Miro Gallery

98179Coxhead, Gabriel:  Idris Khan – Beyond Black.  Exhibition: London, Victoria Miro Gallery, 2013. 52 pages, with 28 colour illustrations. Paperback. 23 x 28cms.  Documents the British artist’s departure from photography through a new body of work that consists of 7 large-scale black paintings, a monumental site-specific wall drawing and a sequence of works on paper inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s ‘The Birth of Tragedy’. £25.00


Yayoi Kusama: White Infinity Nets.  Exhibition: London, Victoria Miro Gallery, 2013. 56 pages, with 26 colour illustrations. Paperback. 20 x 24cms.  In the spirit of Yayoi Kusama’s debut show in New York at the Brata Gallery in October 1959, this exhibition devotes itself exclusively to the Japanese artist’s white Infinity Net paintings. The artist describes the paintings as visualisations of hallucinations and attributes their emergence to a single-minded compulsion to paint for hours without eating or sleeping. £25.00

98181Dessanay, Margherita:  Adriana Varejao – Polvo.  Exhibition: London, Victoria Miro Gallery, 2013. 46 pages, with 20 colour illustrations. Paperback. 22 x 28cms.  In this new series of paintings, Adrian Varejão (b.1964) explores the subject of interracial identity, looking to the way the Brazilian consensus has historically categorised people according to five groups of skin colour: white, black, red, yellow and brown. She draws attention to this system by inventing her own thirty-three tiered spectrum of oil paints, and uses them to depict a series of 11 self-portraits, ranging in tone from dark to light, in accordance with the seventeenth-century ‘casta’ painting tradition. £25.00

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JAR Paris Volume 2

Hot on the heels of the current show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this long-awaited catalogue celebrates the elegant and innovative jewellery of Joel Arthur Rosenthal, documenting 316 of his creations produced since the 2002 Somerset House exhibition, and forming the second volume of his catalogue raisonné.

Publication details as follows:

Rosenthal, Joel Arthur:  JAR Paris II.  Volume II. London: 552 pages, with 269 colour and 101 monochrome illustrations. Bound in silk. 34.5 x 26cms. £550.00

Also available as a two-volume set, with the reprint of the elusive 2002 Somerset House exhibition catalogue:

Jar 1 and 2

Rosenthal, Joel Arthur:  JAR Paris I.  684 (unpaginated) pages, with 397 colour illustrations. Bound in silk. 33.7 x 26cms. The exhibition brought together 400 of JAR’s exceptional and sought-after creations, never before displayed on this scale in public.

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