Chinese and Japanese Works of Art in the collection of Her Majesty the Queen – Now Available!

The Royal Collection includes over 2,000 items of Chinese and Japanese Art, which are distributed among the royal residencies in England and Scotland. The publication presents textiles, jades and hardstones, lacquer, glass, enamel, ivory and other materials.



  • Chinese and Japanese Works of Art in the collection of Her Majesty the Queen
  • John Ayers
  • The Royal Collection, 2016
  • 3 volumes
  • 1,296 pages with approximately 2,400 colour illustrations
  • hardback, 30 x 24.5cm
  • 9781905686490
  • £150

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Book of the Day! Yayoi Kusama: Infinity

kusamaDocuments the Japanese artist’s first retrospective in Scandinavia, at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebaek. Presents a selection of Kusama’s youth works from Japan, alongside a new series of paintings specifically created for the show. Also includes a special feature on the artist’s involvement with fashion and design during the 1960s.

Publication details as follows:

Laurberg, Marie, Jo Applin, Stefan Wurrer, Yayoi Kusama, et al:  Yayoi Kusama. Infinity.  Exhibition: Helsinki, HAM – Helsinki Art Museum; Humlebaek, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art; Oslo, Henie Onstad Kunstsenter and Stockholm, Moderna Museet, 2015. 128 pages, fully illustrated in colour. Hardback. 21.5 x 26cms.  £ 30.00

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New in Today! The Art of Kazuo Shiraga and Sadamasa Motonaga

Examines the importance of two prominent post-war Gutai artists, Kazuo Shiraga (1924-2008) and Sadamasa Motonaga (1922-2011), who were known for their unorthodox artistic techniques, which involved experiments with smoke and water in the case of Motonaga, and painting with Shiraga’s feet. Includes interviews with the artists, translated into English for the first time. Details as follows:

Hiroyasu, Ando, Gabriel Ritter, Kawasaki Koichi, et al:  Between Action and the Unknown: The Art of Kazuo Shiraga and Sadamasa Motonaga.  Exhibition: Dallas, Dallas Musuem of Fine Arts, 2015. 160 pages, fully illustrated in colour. Hardback. 27.4 x 22.6cms. £ 30.00

Also available on Shiraga:104768Koichi Kawasaki, Alfred Pacquement et al:  Kazuo Shiraga.  Exhibition: New York, Dominique Levy Gallery, 2015. 302 pages. illustrated throughout in colour and black and white. Hardback. 30.5 x 23.5cms.  The first definitive English-language monograph on Shiraga’s work, featuring a complete facsimile of the artist’s personal scrapbook. £ 70.00To place an order, please contact the bookshop at, or call us on +44 (0)20 7930 9223


Exhibition: 1000 Years of the Art of Japanese Books

japan book exhib0001A rare treat for fans of the Japanese book comes in the form of an exhibition of the gems of the Tenri Central Library, Japan at the Brunei Gallery in London. Pop over to catch it before 22 June 2013.

Japan exhibition

A programme of activities, lectures and a conference accompany the exhibition and mark 400 years of Japan-UK relations. More details can be found at:

In the bookshop of interest… we currrently have a number of back-catalogues of Japanese antiquarian booksellers including those of  Isseido, Gyokueido Shoten and Tokyo Koten-kai. Please visit or get in touch for more details.

Exclusive Title: In a Nutshell: a loan exhibition of Japanese Netsuke from European collections

In a Nutshell: a loan exhibition of Japanese Netsuke from European collections by Rosemary Bandini. Exhibition: London, Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom in London, 2013. 114 pp., colour illustrations throughout. Cloth.

A catalogue of the exhibition of fine netsuke from European private collections dating from the 18th century to the work of three contemporary British carvers, organised by the International Netsuke Society in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom. The catalogue, lavishly illustrated, includes an introductory essay and commentary throughout by Rosemary Bandini, an index of signatures and a bibliography.

The exhibition runs until 31 May 2013 at the Embassy of Japan, London.