Treasures from the Al Thani Collection. Exhibitions held in The Palace Museum, Beijing, 2018.

This three-volume set covers two exhibitions held in the Meridian Hall Galleries of the Forbidden City in Beijing in 2018. The exhibitions are a monumental survey of pieces from the Al Thani Collection together with very prestigious loans from the al-Sabah and Ortiz collections and the Fabergé Museum.

The first volume of the set documents the exhibition “The Gems and Jewels of India”. It is split into different sections including: The Mughal Treasury; Dynastic Gem and Jewels; Objects of Jade and Rock Crystal; Objects in Gold and Enamel; Regalia and Jewelled Ornaments; Cartier and the Great European Jewellers, and, finally, Contemporary Creations.

The second and third volumes both document a second exhibition, held in 2018, entitled “Masterpieces from a Royal Collection”. Volume II focuses on ‘The Ancient World’ and ‘The Wider World’. The former includes Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Mesopotamian and Iranian works as well as Central Asian treasures, whilst the latter has objects from China, Pre- Columbian Central and South America, Africa and the Pacific.

Volume III is split more specifically into ‘The Islamic World’ and ‘The European World’. Each theme is further devided into sub sections which cover all aspects of art including Manuscripts, Miniatures, Metalwork and Textiles, or Medieval Reliquaries, Limoges Enamels, Renaissance Jewellery, Rock Crystal and Wunderkammer objects, Silver, Jewellery (Cartier, Melerio, Chaumet, Bolin) and 54 pieces by Fabergé.

Text in English and Chinese.


Price:   £350.00  ISBN 9787513410977

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New in – Murrina Vasa, A Luxury of Imperial Rome


‘Murrhine’ vases; a study and survey of 312 surviving Agate and Chalcedony vases of antiquity, both whole and fragmentary, frequently in Medieval and later mounts. This  publication also includes a survey of the sources of hardstone and an appendix on glass imitations of ‘Murrhine’ vases.


  • Murrina Vasa, A Luxury of Imperial Rome
  • Dario del Bufalo
  • L’Erma di Bretschneider, 2016
  • Text in English and Italian
  • 204 pages with over 400 illustrations predominantly in colour
  • Hardback, 28.5 x 21.5 cm
  • 9788891309976
  • £125

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Other recent publications to complement this title include:


Splendida Minina; wonderful  miniature precious hardstone carvings from the Medici Collections.



  • Splendida Minima. Piccole Sculture Preziose dalle Collezioni Medicee. dalla Tribuna di Francesco i De’ Medici al Tesoro Granducale.
  • ValentinaConticelli, Riccardo Gennaioli, Fabrizio Paolucci
  • Florence, Museo degli Argenti, 2016
  • Text in Italian
  • 320 pages, fully illustrated
  • Paperback, 28 x 22 cm
  • 9788883478772
  • £45



Luxus; an extensive study of ancient Greek and Roman artistry, which explores some of the most notable artefacts created from an assortment of luxury materials – hard stones (intaglios, vessels, cameos, and sculptures), precious metals (gold and silver), and organic materials (amber, pearls, coral, wood, ivory and textiles).


  • Luxus: The Sumptuous Arts of Greece and Rome
  • Kenneth Lapatin
  • Yale University Press, 2015
  • 296 pages with 243 colour illustrations
  • Hardback, 28.4 x 23.7 cm
  • 9781606064221
  • £50


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New Title: Chinese Bronzes from the Meiyintang Collection

98378The most recent publication of the superlative European private collection, beautifully produced, illustrated and rigorously researched. Volume one is a supplement to the previous publication of the same name by Wang Tao, with a further examination of inscriptions, provenance, exhibition histories and publications. The second catalogues 50 new acquisitions from the Erlitou (1900 – 1500BC) and Erligang Periods (1500 – 1300BC) and discusses casting methods, shapes and the faking of archaic bronzes.

Publication details:

Deydier, Christian:  Chinese Bronzes from the Meiyintang Collection. 2 volumes. Hong Kong: 2013. 462 pages in all, colour plates throughout. Cloth in a slipcase. 37 x 26.5cms. £ 465.00

meiyintang - CopyThose who never got round to buying the first volume will be pleased to know that it is also available:

Wang, Tao:  Chinese Bronzes from the Meiyintang Collection.  London: 2009. 324 pp., with numerous full page colour illustrations. Cloth in a slipcase, 35.4 x 25.8cms.  Lavishly illustrated and thoroughly researched by respected scholar, Wang Tao, this catalogue records one of the most important collections of archaic Chinese Bronzes outside China, the great European Meiyintang collection of the Zuellig family. Includes Bronzes dating to the Shang, Zhou and Warring States periods.
095969   £ 465.00

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Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds


Exclusive Title: Makariou, Sophie (Ed.):  Islamic Art at the Musée du Louvre.  Paris: 2012. 547pp., with 302 colour illustrations. Boards, 29 x 25cms.

A catalogue published to coincide with the opening to the public of the Louvre’s new Islamic galleries, following 4 years of refurbishment. The rich collection of Islamic art within them spans 1,300 years and three continents, from Spain to northern India. More than 400 exceptional works are presented by curators and scientists from the department, chronologically and thematically arranged into poetry and prose, ornament, architecture, ruler’s commissions, and others, also including a chapter dedicated to the art of the book. Includes 15 chronological maps and an extensive bibliography of sources and studies.

Kuhnel, Ernst:  Die Islamischen Elfenbeinskulpturen. VIII.-XIII. Jahrhundert.  Berlin: Gebr. Mann Verlag, 1971. 104pp plus vii, 112pp monochrome illustrations. Wrappers, and loose, as issued in publisher’s portfolio. 47x37cms.

Huge survey, spanning Islam over five centuries, covering early Islamic, Hispano-Moresque, Saracenic, Fatimid and Sicilian cultures. With critical catalogue of 141 examples. Important reference work. With: index of sources and treasuries; locational index; previous collections; list of illustrations; bibliography.  Text in German.

Advance Copy: Curtis, John:  The Cyrus Cylinder and Ancient Persia: a New Beginning for the Middle East. Exhibition: Houston, Museum of Fine Arts; Los Angeles, Getty Museum; New York, Metropolitan Museum; San Francisco, Asian Art Museum and Washington, Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, 144 pp., colour illustrations throughout. Cloth, 28.5 x 23cms.

Catalogue of the touring exhibition exploring the British Museum’s Cyrus Cylinder, dating to the Persian king Cyrus’s conquest of Babylon in the 6th century BC, also enshrining the decree by which Cyrus freed the Jews from captivity in Babylon.

Porter, Venetia:  Metalwork and Material Culture in the Islamic World: Art, Craft and Text.  2012. 544pp. Cloth, 24.6 x 17.2cms.
095704   £ 65.00