Four Books on the Decorative Arts

Luigi Valadier

By Alvar Gonzalez-Palacios

This is the catalogue for the forthcoming exhibition at the Frick on Roman designer Luigi Valadier (1726-1785), whose luxurious furniture and ornaments furnished the palaces of the Papacy and aristocracy across eighteenth-century Europe. Famed for the elaborate elegance of his centrepieces in marble, gold, hard stone, and gilt bronze, he was also a gifted draftsman.

Fifty objects by Valadier and his workshop are featured in this catalogue, with full descriptions. Many are illustrated in parallel with the artist’s drawn designs. The volume also explores the exact provenance, dating, and attributions of the pieces within the Valadier family, with Luigi’s father Andrea and son Giuseppe often collaborating with each other, as well as with other workshops.

Exhibition dates: 31st of October 2018 to the 20th of January 2019.

560 pages with 368 colour illustrations.


30.5 x 23cms.



Giacomo Raffaelli (1753-1836). Maestro di stile e di mosaico (master of style and mosaics)

By Massimo Alfieri, Laura Biancini, Tassinari Gabriella, and E. Andreevna Yakovleva

This volume examines the whole of Giacomo Rafaelli’s known oeuvre. The Roman micro-mosaicist catered to a clientele of Grand Tourists, producing exquisite plates, tables, and jewellery for the aristocracy on their alpine travels. Attracted by his prestige, the Napoleonic government commissioned him to found a mosaic school in Milan and to create his most famous piece: a replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s last supper.

With comprehensive catalogue descriptions, the book is illustrated with a wide range of mosaics and stone works belonging to museums and private collections in Europe and the United States.

376 pages with 400 colour and several black and white illustrations.


24.5 x 31cms.

Text in Italian



Pelagio Pelagi Decorateur des Palais Royaux de Turin et du Piémont (1832-1856)

By Betrand Royere

A retracing of Pelagio Pelagi’s decoration of the Royal Palace of Turin and the castles of Racconigi and Pollenzo, amongst others. The artist was commissioned upon the accession of Charles Albert to the throne of Piedmont-Sardinia, in the hope that they might mimic the stylishness of French design whilst employing an Italian artisan. Famed as an arbiter of taste, his style ranged from the neoclassical to the eclectic, and who incorporated the latest archaeological discoveries of Etruscan art into the highest royal fashions.

The book focuses in detail on the lavish wall decorations, furniture, bronzes, paintings and sculptures. It draws from the rich archives of Turin and Bologna to give full catalogue descriptions of each piece, with illustrations of the drawn designs by this painter-architect-decorator.

400 pages, 269 illustrations.


26 x 31cms.

Text in French



Paris Furniture, the luxury market of the 19th century.

By Christopher Payne.

This publication offers a comprehensive survey of over one hundred Paris-based furniture makers who, during the 19th-Century, produced luxury furniture for international aristocrats, bankers, and newly wealthy industrialists. Among the featured craftsmen are Sormani, Bagues, Barbedienne, Christofle, Lievre, Viardot, Dasson, Grohe, Sauvrezy, Fourdinois, Beurdeley and Linke.

Detailed information is given on production dates, furniture styles, identification marks, exhibitions, and patrons of this period in which Paris, despite the century’s tumultuous beginnings, was once again the centre of the world for sumptuous comfort and experimental design.

608 pages with about 1,500 illustrations.


24 x 28cms.



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Reconstructing the Lansdowne Collection of Classical Marbles

by Elizabeth Angelicoussis

This new publication traces the history of the Lansdowne House marbles, from 1762 through to their auction in 1930, and its aftermath. Joseph Brummer, William Randolph Hirst and Spink’s were major buyers at Christie’s in 1930.

The provenance of the Lansdowne pieces was remarkable; there were even pieces from Hadrian’s Villa. Gavin Hamilton and Thomas Jenkins were major suppliers.

In two volumes, Angelicoussis reconstructs the collection. The first examines contemporary correspondence, provenance and plans for the sculpture galleries, and how they changed and developed.


The second volume is a catalogue of all 117 pieces, documented with photographs and detailed descriptions. This catalogue is the first since Michaelis in 1792.
Angelicoussis previously published the sculptures from Woburn Abbey (1992) and Holkham Hall (2001).

728 pages with 548 illustrations in black and white and colour.


28 x 23cms.


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The Art of Borrowing – New in Stock!

We don’t advise that you do as this book suggests, but instead invite you to consider whether appropriation is as morally untenable as we are all told…

The collection of essays in this book, ranging from discussions of repetition in the Bible (‘Borrowing Sex: Speaking of Divine Love’) to those of music (‘Organic Wholes: Ralph Vaughan Williams and G.E. Moore’) and art (‘Harvest’), cleverly illustrate how works can shift and change through the creations of others.

The interior of this publication is amusingly presented as a borrowed library book, with its title page a stamp that indicates edition number, and sections that appear to be photocopied covertly under the watchful eye of an officious librarian.

Williamson, Paul (ed.):  The Art of Borrowing: or how one thing leads to another.  Cambridge: 2016. 160 pages, with colour and black and white illustrations. Limited first edition of 150 copies. Paperback. 26.5 x 19cms.

From Paris to Wales: the Davies sisters’ Collection of Impressionist Art

daviesNew in today:  A Gift of Sunlight : The fortune and quest of the Davies sisters of Llandinam.  By Trevor Fishlock. Llandysul: 2014. ix, 266 pages. Hard cover. 25 x 18.5cms.

A new publication telling the story of the Davies sisters, Margaret and Gwendoline, who used their family’s fortune in coal to build what became the largest collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art in Britain, which also included Old Masters such as Botticelli and El Greco, as well as contemporary British artists such as John Singer Sargent, Robert Bevan and Paul Nash.

Endearingly told by Trevor Fishlock, and incuding photographs from the family archive, as well as a list of prices and dates of acquisitions, this book sets out the story of two pioneering women who believed that art was a power of good, and who bequethed almost the entirety of their collection to the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.

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Now available: The Schorr Collection; Catalogue of Old Master and Nineteenth-Century Paintings

by Christopher Wright:  2 volumes. London: 2014. Hardcover in slipcase. 35 x 25.7cms.

Catalogue of a British private collection of more than 400 works by artists such as Rubens, Tintoretto, El Greco, Turner, Ingres, Delacroix, Cranach, Pissarro and Sisley, formed over the last 35 years. Volume I features a small reproduction of each painting, along with comparative works, a biography of the artist, and full provenance, while Volume II includes larger colour illustrations for all 420 works, organised by school.

Schorr Collection extract

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The First Monet Exhibition in China

Monet Exhibition, Shanghai

The first exhibition devoted to the works of Claude Monet in mainland China opened on Saturday and runs until the 15th June 2014 in the KII Art Mall, Shanghai. With major loans from the Musée Marmottan Monet in Paris, the exhibition presents 40 paintings by the artist along with 12 works by his contemporaries. The exhibition marks 50 years of diplomatic relations between China and France and evidences the increasing interest of the Chinese in Impressionist painting.

A bilingual catalogue accompanies the exhibition:

99616Master of Impressionism: Claude Monet. 印象派大师:莫奈. Exhibition: Shanghai, Chi Space, 2014. 209 pages. Hardback. 31.5 x 25.5cms.  Text in English and Chinese.
£ 89.00

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Book of the Week: Passion for Porcelain. Masterpieces of Ceramics from the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum

97158The English language catalogue of a major loan exhibition at the National Museum of China which brings together 148 pieces from two of the world’s most important collections. It includes material from the Song to Qing Dynasty as well as examples of European porcelain based on Chinese prototypes including an example of the exceedingly rare Medici porcelain.
Thoroughly researched it includes sections which discuss Ming export ceramics, armorial porcelain, Western designs of Chinese export ware, Western copying of Chinese porcelain, Chinoisorie, European mounting of Chinese porcelain and collection patterns in Europe.

Lu Zhangshen (ed.):  Passion for Porcelain: Masterpieces of Ceramics from the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Exhibition: Beijing, National Museum of China, 2012. 409 pages, colour plates throughout. Paperback. 31 x 23cms.

£ 145.00

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Passion for Porcelain


Now Available: Renoir. Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings – Volume 5, Bernheim-Jeune

The fifth and final volume to complete the catalogue raisonné on the French Impressionst Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919), covering the later paintings, pastels, drawings and watercolours, classified chronologically and by subject and type.

Publication Details as Follows:

Dauberville, Guy-Patrice & Michel:  Renoir. Catalogue raisonné of paintings, pastels, drawings and watercolours: 1911-1919 & First SupplementVolume 5. Paris: 2014. 591 pages, with 988 illustrations. Hardback. 24 x 34cms.    Text in French & English. £ 560.00

The previous 4 volumes are also available to buy, as a set, covering the following years:

Renoir 1

Volume I, 1858 – 1881

Volume II, 1882 – 1894

Volume III, 1895 – 1902

Volume IV, 1903 – 1910

Dauberville, Guy-Patrice  & Michel:  Renoir. Catalogue raisonné of paintings, pastels, drawings and watercolours. Volume 1-4.  4 volumes. Paris: Bernheim-Jeune, 2010-2012. £ 2,000.00

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The McFerrin Collection. A Remarkable Array of Fabergé

McFerrin 1We would all love to awake to a Fabergé egg under the tree on Christmas morning, but in the meantime this catalogue, published on the occasion of the exhibition Fabergé: A Brilliant Vision, at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, might just be the next best thing for all jewellery lovers!

Fabergé, Tatiana, Dorothy McFerrin, et al:  From a Snowflake to an Iceberg: The McFerrin Collection. A Remarkable Array of Fabergé. New York: 2013. 288 pages, illustrated throughout in colour. Hardback. 24 x 29cms.

McFerrin 4

The catalogue of  one of the world’s most significant private Fabergé collections, among whose highlights are the Nobel Ice Egg, the Empress Josephine Tiara, and the ornate Fire Screen Frame, a gift from Tsar Nicholas II to his mother, Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna. Includes a plethora of  imperial presentation boxes, cigarette and vesta cases, jewellery, hardstone animals, enamelled eggs, desk clocks, and scent bottles, along with other artworks, all fully reproduced with dimensions and provenance. Essays discuss gift giving in the House of Romanov, the Bismarck Box, and Fabergé’s marks, workmasters, and use of gems.
£ 145.00

McFerrin 3

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Ming and Qing Imperial Furniture

The furniture of the Forbidden City lends us both a personal connection to the Chinese Imperial Court and an opportunity to become party to the visually stunning interiors in which its members lived. Two recent and lavishly illustrated publications on the subject are currently in stock:

96764Classics of the Forbidden City: Imperial Furniture of Ming and Qing Dynasties.  Beijing: 2008. 355 pages, colour plates throughout. Cloth in a slipcase. 30 x 30cms.  Wide ranging catalogue of approximately 360 items from huanghuali tables and chairs to lacquered cabinets, screens, stands and beds. Also includes around 20 photographs of interiors of the Forbidden City showing the present-day arrangement of the furniture.  Text in Chinese. £ 72.00

96697Forbidden City Collection: Ming Style Furniture in the Palace Museum.  Beijing: 2011. 294 pages, numerous colour plates throughout. Cloth in a slipcase. 30 x 30cms.  Catalogue of 198 magnificent pieces of huanghuali, zitan and lacquered furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties formally of the Imperial household.  Text in Chinese. £ 86.00

For those in search of more provincial pieces the following beautifully produced volume may be of use:

96782Liu, Chuansheng:  Classical Chinese Lacquered Furniture.  Beijing: 2013. 360 pp., colour plates throughout. Cloth in a slipcase, 33.5 x 25.5cms.  67 lacquered chairs, tables, cabinets, chests and screens from the 16th to 18th centuries, deriving from Beijing and Shanxi (with a few earlier examples).  Text in Chinese with English summary.  £ 98.00

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