Book of the Week: Calling, Cards & Cases

Calling Cards0001

Mitchinson, David:  Calling, Cards & Cases.  Geneva: 2012. 432pp., with 314 colour illustrations. Cloth, 31 x 24.5cms.

The etiquette of formal meeting and greeting provides the basis of a Victorian ritual which might seem remote to the present day. However, the rich array of associated material objects in the form of beautifully printed calling cards and exquisitely constructed cases allow special access into this world.

This volume is the most comprehensive survey on the accoutrements of visiting in the 19th century. Lavish illustrated with 400 cards and 600 cases reproduced in actual size, it also includes a detailed study of printing techniques, manufacturers, materials, and social etiquette.

£ 75.00




8 thoughts on “Book of the Week: Calling, Cards & Cases

      • Hi Rebecca,
        My shipping address: Stephen Hannis/ Circle Care Center/ 618 West Ave/ Norwalk CT 06850. You can reach me by phone 203 249 1359. Thank you for your help. The book is hardcover is it not?

      • Dear Stephen,

        The book is indeed hardcover, and really quite heavy at 3.5 kilos before packaging. I estimate that shipping to your address will be around £45 with Royal Mail airmail (around 1 week), or £50 with Fedex Economy (3-5 working days). Alternatively we could send it via surface mail for around £15, but that option has been known to take up to 3 months to reach the States and is absolutely non-trackable. Would you still like to go ahead with the purchase?

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      • I Rebecca I’m waiting to hear back from you regarding how I go about ordering the book. Please get back to me. Thank you. Stephen

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      • Hi Rebecca,
        I was hoping you could give me an update on the status of my order, when shipped, and how long it might take yo arrive.
        Many thanks
        Stephen Hannis

  1. Dear Stephen,

    I’m sorry your message reached me after close of business on Friday, and I didn’t want to phone you too early in the morning your time! I’ve just tried to call unsucessfully, but will phone again shortly. Alternatively, could you advise me of a time when I could reach you?

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